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Natural Healing and Homeopathy

As the focus of this page is healing and living healthy, I thought I would take a few minutes to talk about some of the ways that I bring the natural into my life. First, I began by educating myself about herbs. I started researching different herbs and their benefits. I even began journaling about my finds. I made notes of the leaves, roots, all usable parts, etc. I even added pictures. As with anything, when working with herbs, you must be careful about allergies. But you would be wise to also pay attention to possible interactions with other herbs and any and all medicines.

I am a great believer in homeopathy. I feel that it is a system of treatment which relies on the combination of the bodies ability to heal itself and a natural remedies. Now, don't get me wrong, there ARE times when more traditional methods of medicine are necessary. Such as when you are facing cancer or some other such major illness. However, many times, natural remedies can align with traditional medicine to speed one's recovery.

Naturopathy has been seeing increasing popularity in recent years. I personally know a wonderful Naturopath, Dr. Anthony Wallace. He operates a company that is now nationanwide. PCDI Healthcare. I am providing a link to his Texas website here:

I encourage you to explore the natural way....

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