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A Rich Gem and So Much More Than a “How-To” A Review of Touched by the Goddess by Alexander Cabot

A deeply personal and inspiring journey, “Touched by the Goddess” is a masterful retelling of the natural gifts and personal path walked by one of the most influential witches in modern times, Alexander Cabot, HP. Part personal memoir, part historical survey, this story takes the reader through the various veins of Witchcraft that Alexander has experienced. This unique tome is sure to inspire and enthrall the reader. Cabot’s personal reference makes the reader feel like he/she is a friend along for the ride. This new contribution to the Witchcraft library is a far cry from the “How Tos” that crowd the bookshelves. For the witch who has been seeking something deeper than a rehashing of everything else out there, this book is a breath of fresh air.

Alexander begins with the pre-history of his life, the of his parents amidst the harsh communist regime of Castro and those earliest occult influences which shaped his birth. He follows up with the multitude of mystical childhood experiences and teachers who shaped his development as a witch. As he matures into adulthood, Cabot shares how his gifts were continually recognized by others and how he found his home in the Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple.

Then Alexander shares how he continues to his magick making connections with other traditions and bringing various practitioners of the Craft together in a most remarkable and mystical ways. While the book may end, the story continues. All the reader can do is hope for a “Part Two”! Congratulations, Alexander, this is masterpiece!!!

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