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Dealing With the Ups and Downs of Business Ownership

When you decide to start a business, ANY business, you have given up your heart and soul. What many people never see is all the hours that a business owner spends just keeping the business operating. If you produce a product, much of your time goes into perfecting your product, developing new products and researching similar products. The rest of it is spent dealing with the operational side: payroll, taxes, and PayPal problems.

What do you do when your PayPal link doesn't work. Especially when this is the preferred method of checkout for most of your clientele? In my case, you make the decision to "DX" PayPal and go another route. It began for me when a client messaged me stating that she was unable to make a purchase due to a "security" issue with my PayPal Business account. This lead to a two-day effort to get the problem resolved. So, I contact PayPal Customer Service and the gentleman transfers me to their "Business Accounts Department". The young lady I spoke to was able to identify that a problem existed with the website that my PayPal account was linked to. It seems that my PayPal Account was still associated with a closed StorEnvy shop (my first try). We made the necessary corrections and she informed me that my account was up and running. However, my client was STILL unable to complete her purchase.

SO, when I returned home from my primary job, I log into my PayPal account to find that none of the changes that I made earlier were in effect. And to add insult to injury, there was no record of my call. Now bear in mind that I had to have a six digit, "One Time Only" PIN number for that phone call! And to make matters that much worse, the "hold" on my account was "So serious" that my representative said I needed to contact the legal department which I could only do by mail. He could tell me nothing of the nature of the issue.Nor could he tell me why, if the issue was so serious, had no one contacted me to discuss the matter. So now I am supposed to compose a letter to the legal department of PayPal to discuss and resolve an "issue" that I have no idea of the nature?!? Not going to happen.

I made a command decision: No more PayPal. My Stripe account was up and running. So that is now my only option. Thanks, PayPal, wish I could say it has been great, but really, it hasn't. Hello Stripe! Here's to a wonderful future together!

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