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Quarantine Witchcraft!

First of all, I hope this finds you and yours well and COVID-19 free! Secondly, I hope that you all have not gone stir crazy by this point in time. Many of us are facing an unprecedented event in our history. I truly believe that it is our DUTY as witches and human beings to do what we can to stop the spread of COVID-19.

As witches (Wise Intuitive Teacher Counselor Healer), We hold within ourselves the power of the universe to put a stop to this dreaded pandemic. Further, as members of our individual communities and as a witchcraft community as a whole, we have a duty to our fellow man to do what is within our power to stop this virus.

In this blog post, I will provide both ideas for stopping the virus as well as some

of my favorite blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels to help ease your boredom and help you feel connected in this time of “Social Distancing”.

I believe strongly in the power of spellcraft (prayer for the muggles). Therefore, I wanted to share a spell I developed to stop COVID-19 in its tracks. For this spell you will need:

1. A blue candle of any size all the way chime candle or slightly larger would be best.

(Intent: healing).

2. Something to inscribe the schedule on the candle has given below. If you do not have a way to inscribe your candle, you can use a white piece of paper, small, and a blue pen. You will need a pin to attach the paper to the candle once it is dressed.

(Intent: stopping the virus)

3. Dragon’s Blood powder (or resin crushed)

(Intent: protection of the world)

4. Frankincense powder (or resin crushed)

(Intent: purification)

5. Rosemary crushed.

(Intent: protection and purification of the body and soul.)

6. Selenite powder (Optional as the intent here is amping up the spell).

7. Graveyard dirt (if available)

(Intent: to kill the virus/death to the virus).

8. Dirt from your home. (Intent: protection of your home specifically).

If you do not have the resibe but you have oils for some of the items above, you are welcome to use those as they will work just as well. Using your athame or whatever you use to inscribe your candle, mark the sigil below on the candle or write it on your paper with the blue pen. If you use the pen and paper method, you will need to first dress the candle then wrap the paper around the candle with the sigil facing out and pin it with the pin.

Mix your dirt, resins, crystal and herbs together. Spread the mixture on a paper plate or papertowel.

Next, use either Balm of Gilead, a healing oil of your own recipe, or death oil to bring death to the virus and apply it to the candle from the bottom upward. As you do so, enchant your candle with the following spell:

COVID-19 we stop your spread

Dwindle now the numbers of dead!

No more from person to person hop

We as witches in your tracks do STOP!

Roll the candle in the mixture (then if it is your method, roll the paper around the candle and pin it). Then light the candle. Repeat the enchantment putting all your power into visualizing the end of the virus. Let the candle burn out on its own. Either dispose of the remnant by burying OFF of your property or in a graveyard. Repeat as often as you feel called to.

NOW! I truly believe that it is important to be mindful of your own mental health as well as your physical health. Be sure to Meditate daily and take effort to connect with friends and family by video chat or phone. Hearing the voice and seeing the face has no substitute. If you are feeling particularly down, seek outside help!

To help ease your boredom, check out some of the following Facebook groups, blogs and YouTube channels:

For Puck’s Sake Mat Auryn

Found on the Patheos Pagan Website, this blog is well-written and provides a variety of content. From book reviews to insightful articles, Mat never disappoints. Mat has a recently released book, Psychic Witch (Llewellyn, 2020) which is a must-have as well.

Kelly-Ann Maddox/The Four Queens

Kelly-Ann also covers a variety of topics both for the body and the spirit. With her gentle focus on self-love, raucous humor, and in-your-face attitude, Kelly-Ann is both entertaining and informative. She presents both written content in her blog found on her website as well as video content on her YouTube channel.

Eva’s House of Spirit Eva Maria

Maria has a varied background in the Craft but chaos magick is her specialty. Her videos are warm and she brings an easiness to the table which makes it feel like you having a discussion with a friend. Get a cup of coffee or tea and settle in for practical discussions on a variety of topics.

Sunshine Morning Rae Trena Labowski

A practitioner of the Craft for over 30 years, Trena provides educational videos for those who wish to learn more about the Craft. She provides her options in topics, practical applications, I formation on herbs and so much more. While she is no longer producing content, her channel is worth checking out.

Witches of the Moon- Collaborative

Ok, Ok, A shameless self-plug. But honestly, I cut my witchy teeth on this group. And I feel we have a LOT to offer! We have a Facebook group, YouTube channel and even a Patreon for those who want to get deeper. our Patreon offers seminars, classes, written content and podcasts.

A Year and a Day- First Year by Timothy Roderick

This Facebook group was started by the Lady Gravedancer. It was moderated by Mr. Roderick himself. Primarily a discussion group for sharing learning, this group also has a variety of content. There is also a second year group.

The Nephilim Rising- Jaclyn Cheri

This blog is a mix of feminism, witchcraft and free-thinking.

I could go on and on but I am being called to other duties! Enjoy these ideas and explore for more!

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Rev. Natalie Sedgwick
Rev. Natalie Sedgwick
Jan 21, 2021

I am glad you found the article Inspiring! Feel free to share with friends so we can stop this thing!


Jan 21, 2021

i LOVE the sigil! I am going to take a walk to the local graveyard today for some graveyard dirt!! I have been taking a daily dose of homemade elderberry syrup to boost my protection from covid. NOW, after reading your blog I am taking the offensive to the next level. thanks!

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