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Be All The Psychic You Can Be!

I predict that Mat Auryn’s new book, Psychic Witch (Llewellyn, 2020), will be a “must-have” for new and seasoned witches alike. Mat seamlessly blends a scientific framework with practical exercises that anyone can employ. Mat takes us back to childhood when the world was full of magick and we believed (and perceived) beyond ourselves. From there he guides his reader to a fully awakened psychic being.

Mat builds on the various magickal traditions he has explored and pulls the best of all worlds for a unique and powerful guide for psychic development. He leads the reader through the labyrinth of psychic skills such as shielding and protection, the clairs, grounding and so much more; providing practical exercises at every level.

Mat’s unique approach avoids certain methodologies which pervade other books on the topic. Rather, he places an emphasis on meditation, grounding and visualization. Most notably, Mat encourages the reader to accept their intuition as accurate and release the doubt which clouds psychic development. In this way, the reader begins to lower their resistance and begin to trust their knowing, their witch-eye.

He introduces us to the idea of the Three-souled model which unites the various aspects of the human soul as one powerful entity. His use of pop-culture references provides humor and an approachability to his model which puts the reader at ease and furthers confidence in their ability to understand and employ the techniques discussed.

While the book is aimed for practitioners of the Craft, anyone, and I mean ANYONE, would benefit from the skills the reader can develop through Mat’s seminal work. If you want to truly develop psychic skills, intuitive knowledge and even just self-confidence in your ability to morph the world into some place you wish to live, Psychic Witch is one to have on your shelves. You will be left hungering for more.

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