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Imagination: The Key to Magickal Manifestation.

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Imagination. As adults, we are quick to dismiss imagination as something childish and even foolish. But Imagination is an innate human trait. Imagination is what allows us to set goals, “dream big”, and most importantly manifest what we desire. In his newly released book, Psychic Witch, Mat Auryn says, “Don’t dismiss your imagination. It’s important for psychism.” So why is it so important? What role does imagination serve in the life of an adult? How does imagination help the modern witch to manifest their spellcraft? Allow me to explain:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world and all there ever will be to know and understand” -Albert Einstein

We are manifestations of the Divine Source no matter whether you call that a God, a Goddess, Jesus, Allah or Yaweh. As we are created, we carry portions of that Creator within us. Imagination is our link to that Divine Source. Imagination opens portal ways to the Astral plane. When we engage our imaginations, we are opening a portal way and, at the same time, engaging our physical bodies in the act of creating a new future (or remembering a different past). Imagination, occurring in the mental body then sparks a response in the Endocrine system. This releases hormones which raise the pulse, body temperature, dilates the eyes, and releases adrenaline. Imagination allows us to travel forwards or backwards in time, review and revise actions or consider decisions before they become choices (Hess, 2019).

Imagination is what sparks the creative impulse within us. Ask any writer, artist, musician, construction worker or even the cabinet maker. The creation exists within the mind before it is manifested in the physical. As above, so below. And this, my witches, is the key to using imagination to manifest your Craft.

Imagination must first be respected for what it is: A portal way to the divine creative impulse. When we recognize the value of imagination and respect its place in our lives, then we no longer scorn it. We can harness its power to serve as the modality of creation. We are able to more fully visualize our desired effect, creation, manifestation. It becomes real to us. We are able to view all sides. And more importantly, when communicated effectively, we make others see it as well.

Imagination serves as the conduit between the mental body and the physical, bringing forth that which we wish to create. This is why imagination is critical to effective spellcraft. I believe that all witches embrace their imaginations although they do not realize (or admit) that they do. But without a strong imagination, your magick will continuously lack the effectiveness it needs.

So, do not discount your imagination as something foolish. It is not childish nor is it unnecessary. Quite the contrary, imagination is the key to truly powerful magick.

Blessed Be!


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